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Final Major Project - Post 29

August 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Exhibition  done and finished.  I am now cracking on with the FMP write up and the CRoP. I  have completed a first draft of the the FMP. I did this as a Powerpoint rather than spend a lot of time that I could spend doing the FMP learning another new Adobe software product (In Design). I assumed it is the write up you are testing rather than our ability to learn and then use another software product. I am now starting the CRoP in earnest about a 1000 words done.   

I had very good feedback from the exhibition with the one I think most important is from Tedworth House's artist in residence, Jenny Arthy. Her day job is running the art room and allowing those wounded, injured and sick service personnel and veterans to do art as part of their recovery pathway.  This is what works with some rather than sport.

Below is her feedback on my work:

"Its always difficult to comment on another medium as I bring to the viewing things other than technique, I look for composition, links to the frame, intelligent use of the format etc. the feel and mood of the subject.

I really enjoyed your group photos, full of life and give a good sense of the shared occasion. Often we don't realize how much  a photograph looks beneath the surface revealing moods and thoughts,  I think your photos have succeeded with this. 

Altogether an impressive collection of photographs which display your obvious love of sport and shared experiences."

As  a direct result of my exhibition I have be working for Help for Heroes on their Creative Force website doing some picture editing and curating.

Final Major Project - Post 28

July 31, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Exhibition finished at the Help for Heroes Recovery Centre footfall was good during the day but not so successful was the opening evening. Maybe it should have been done during daytime but then the Cafe is open to all. 

The audience was definitely not a gallery-going as a rule but I wanted to exhibit where there would be the most reaction and of course some knew some of the subjects in the images which made it even more poignant and interesting.

I put out a comments book and tried to get people to write their thoughts down and attached are the comments. 


Final Major Projec- Post 27

July 23, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

First day of exhibition today.   I witnessed a good stream of visitors look at my photographs and I some great comments verbally and in writing in my comments book.  I will not break there on Tuesday because of a medical appointment but my photographs will along the comments book. Sat in the cafe all day has given me time to do so more work on the two assignments so that is good news.  I also had my photograph taken for the x-forces twitter feed.

Final Major Project - Post 26

July 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I have just spent the day setting up for my exhibition.  The exhibition is in Cafe Hero as it gets good footfall. However being the cafe I have had to remove the art that was there before putting up my photographs.  Although I was very well intentioned because of the fixings that were there even if I removed them it still left holes that were unsightly. So where I could I used the fixings that were there and actually I think it looks better than what I was planning. 


July 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

After a lot of work which has resulted in me not completing this CRJ for a while. I now have all 16 photographs printed as 20 x 16cm images on a white A2 background and underneath the images I have included text which is taken from part of my interview with the individuals or where that was not possible from open source material from the individual. 

These images have been framed with a white 20 mm plain frame so as not to distract the viewer from the images. In addition I have had printed 10 copies of my photobook which I will include at the exhibition. Again to not detract form the image contained I have kept the book wit a neutral cover and plain text.  The images in the  book include those in the exhibition plus some others used to comvey the message.