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Final Project - Post 12

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I have now done a recce of Cafe Hero my exhibition site.  The area I have been given is one wall done the left hand side immediately after the hot plate. This wall is 6.4m long and is all wall it is also approx 3.5m tall. the room then opens up into a 7m square room which has two windows in the end wall and two windows in the right hand wall.  All the floors are plain wood and the walls are a light green-grey. Photos below:


Final Project - Post 11

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I have completed a number of tasks to date. The one I have not done is the test of text as part of the image or text separately. That is really because I am not sure what text as part gf the image means as there are so many options. I will do some research on  this.  

I will also have to find a designer who should be able to help with the above. i tried the designers at Help for Heores but  they are too buoy but did say they would suggest someone to me able to help. 

I have emailed all the organising charities making sure all those who I have taken image of are clear what I am doing with their images. Even though they did all sign generic media forms when they took part with the organisers.  i am doing this because I want them to be on my side and it gives them a chance to have input. Below is a copy of the email I sent:

Good Morning,

I am a H4H benerficiary and Band of Brothers member. I am, as part of my recovery, doing an MA in Photography with Falmouth University. Could you please contact the individuals in the photographs below and pass on the following email.  If you want you can send me the individuals email addresses and I will contact them directly but I think it would be better coming from you.

This is important to me and without your and their involvement it will be difficult to pass as the exhibition is the final and most important assessment of the course.

Please contact me if you have any issues with this.

Thank you very much.



Firstly, I am a fellow beneficiary of Help for Heroes and Band of Brothers member.  I am currently doing a MA in Photography at Falmouth University and I would like to invite you to an exhibition preview of my MA Photography Final Exhibition on the evening of 23 Jul 18 (exact detail to follow nearer the time) at Tedworth House. This preview is just for those featured in the exhibition. below you can see the unedited images I want to use and you have already signed at the time of the photograph to allow their use. The exhibition is the culmination of two years study.

I would like, very much,  to use your words with your images in the exhibition so could you please write something about yourself, your injuries and your involvement with On Course Foundation. A copy of something  already produced would be fine. Could I ask that if you do want me to use your words you get something to me by the end of Apr 18.

The plan for the exhibition is to show approx 16 images and then also to have a total of  50 images which includes the 16 exhibition images in a photobook.  I  would also like to put the images on to a dedicated website to get them displayed for the general public.

After the exhibition the framed images and any profits from the sale of the photobook will be given to H4H .

Thank you very much


I have also written a couple of paragraphs about myself will be used both at the exhibition and at the start of my Critical Review of my Practice.  This is also included below:

I served for 37 years in the British Army as an electronics engineer and completed my service in Apr 15.  I was them employed as a consultant to the Ministry of Defence for two years and then in Mar 17 I decided I was going to combine my loves of sport and photography and become a self-employed photographer.


In Jul 09 just after returning from Afghanistan I had a large stroke and spent 7 months in hospital. Then in Dec 13 I was the victim of a serious road traffic accident in which I broke four bones in my back, two bones in my neck and eleven ribs. So as a direct beneficiary of the Help for Heroes charity I have had almost uninhibited access for my chosen project.


Final Project - Post 10

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A very useful 1 to 1 with Wendy this morning. I feel I am moving in the right direction. A couple of tasks for me to get on with now.

1.     Do a test of an image with text or with text separately.

2.     Speak to H4H creative department about getting some assistance with the design of the exhibition and photobook.

3.     Wendy suggested I consider using Printspace for my printing.  I have had a look at their website and although obviously very good I  didn't see anything that stood out.

4.      Next Fri go to Tedworth House and try the picture hanging system and take photos of the proposed exhibtion space. Send a copy of the photographs to Wendy.  Decide on whether to use A3 or A2 prints.

5.     Produce a poster advertising the exhibition and write a very nice email to H4H and ask them at the appropriate time to publicise it. 

6.      Decide on a title for the project. (WWI poem maybe)

7.       Write a couple of paragraphs about myself.   

Final Project - Post 9

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I have now got my final exhibition images down to 16 images which can be seen below. I will next go through all the image and pick the best for inclusion in the accompanying photobook.

Final Project - Post 8

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Today I have been having a go at sorting out for my exhibition and associated photobook.  The photo attached shows to the left of the green marker line those images I currently intend to us for the exhibtion.  There are still a few too many and I still have some more shoots planned so the editing remains an ongoing process. I. know which images I like best so I will have to justify there inclusion as I have found it difficult to guess which images to use based on tutor preferences because every tutor likes different images.  Those to the right I will then pick a number to include in the photobook in addition to there images I will exhibit.