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Term 4 Week 12 - Assignments

December 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A like to my oral presentation is included below:

I have also included a link to the PDF of my Work In Progress for this term:


Term 4 Week 11 - Independent Reflection

December 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A good review of our CRJs on Thu evening with Krishna. I now have some additions to add in to give context to my photography. So I better get that done before Fri 1200hrs. 

I also had another review of my final project images. This was useful and I  have decided to focus on the images that tell the story with any text for the exhibition but I will include the other images in a photobook. 

So onwards and upwards.

I have just had a look at a project by the renowned portraitist Rory Lewis.  His portraits are of soldiers in uniform and are formal . I like these a lot but they are different to what I wanted to achieve in my project. I think my work of wounded, injured and sick servicemen in a sporting environment is something different from all the other photographs of wounded, injured and sick servicemen not only because they are of them doing sport but they focus on them doing something they probably thought they would not be able to do rather than focusing on their injury or sickness.

Term 4 Week 11 - Amy Simmonds Task

December 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Firstly Although I got throw out of the webinar last night here is the treatment I produced which unfortunately due to technical issues I could not show.


Secondly having done some research for my oral presentation I realsied that what I am doing are environmental portraits , which is a portrait of a person or peoplee in a situation where they live in and that says something about who they are. The reason I like this type of portrait is they they:

1. give context to the subject of the photograph.

2. give points of interest to shots but being careful not to distract from the subject.

3.  help the subject relax.

4. often give the viewer real insight into the personality and lifestyle of the subject.  

And I feel I have achieved all this with the wounded, injured and sick I have photographed.

Term 4 Week 11

December 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Very busy this week. i have substantially revised my presentation but it is still only 8 mins long . I have some thoughts about what i want to add and I will do that tomorrow. 

Having had a chat with Krishna my final images are taking shape. My one concern from a personal point of view is that the majority of the images I will use are of amputees as their photographs tell the story clearly.   However I don't want forget the others and my plan is to also produce a photobook that will have all the images in and the book will allow me to add some text. In this book I would like to allow the individuals to tell their story if they will.

I have also just been watching the Felicity McCabe interview and this is another example of someone that came to photography because they tried painting and could not do it. I am interested in this because I believe I am totally not artistic and hence my style is very much reportage and suited to the press and social media.

Term 4 Week 10 - Independent Reflection

December 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Firstly I had a very quick go of Amy Simmonds's task and that was quite interesting. My solution was very simple. 

On the Weds I had a very useful one to one with Krishna about my final set of images.  Having already had a look at my Term 4 WIP this time we had a look at all my images to  selected the best for the final exhibition. I agreed with her that the images to be displayed that tell the story best are those with a visible injury. Having said that I do not want to  discount the others and my intention is for them to all be included  in a photobook using text to tell their story.

The attached PDF has seen the initial edit of  38  images now reduced to 25.   This will need another edit to get the final number down to 16 to 18.